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Nicole H.

          There are no words to describe my gratitude in finding and hiring C.E. as a doula. My husband in the beginning had no clue the depth and necessity of a doula until after our son was born, and now he doesn't know how birth happens without one! C.E. is beyond thorough in the prenatal appointment and is warm, inviting and truly an expertise in this field. C.E. was the calming energy and advocate I truly needed while giving birth to my son. Not only did C.E. support me, but supported my husband as well, making sure he was hydrated and assisting me in comfort measures during labor (because honestly he had no idea what to do without C.E. haha and that's okay! That is why C.E. was there!).

          I cannot express how happy I was with not only a doula during my birthing experience, but C.E. specifically as my doula. It was so comforting knowing C.E. was in my corner, supporting me throughout my entire labor & delivery (as the nurses were in/out as well as my midwife and did not coach me through my labor much), as well as following up after birth too. I absolutely loved that C.E. supported me in wanting a natural hospital birth, but no matter my decision was an advocate for the kind of birth I had in mind. C.E. was there for the long haul as my first birth was a long one, another doula came to relieve C.E. and although C.E. could have left, C.E. still stayed. That shows me so much character and grace and how C.E. truly cares about the client (and it doesn't feel like a client/practitioner relationship because after birth, wow, what a bond you have afterwards with these amazing humans called doulas!). I cannot recommend C.E. enough as an amazing doula and support during any individual's childbirth. Beyond, beyond grateful and worth every single penny! 

Annie M.

          I hired CE as part of my quest for a VBA2C. I had never used a doula before and wanted to do as much as could to make sure I didn't end up with another c-section. Not only was CE amazing throughout my labor, but they created such a support network for me during my pregnancy. Their compassion, positive energy, and thoughtfulness put me in a good mental place before labor. They never doubted me, which made me never doubt myself. CE helped me negotiate successfullly with my doctor during labor when she wanted to give me pitocin because my labor stalled. They got me past the point where I thought I couldn't do it anymore, they even rewarded me with chocolate covered almonds after the baby was born! I delivered my 9 lb., 5 oz. baby boy naturally after fifteen hours of labor and ten minutes of pushing. It was the most rewarding experience of my life. I will be forever grateful to CE for taking part in it and helping me through it!

"You made a difficult situation go a million times smoother. There are no words to thank you for the comfort you gave to both of us."

Maven Clinic Member Post-Session Comments


  • CE was able to provide me with info tailored to my specific needs and also provide general info that a new mom needs to know.

  • Very knowledgeable, kind, and informative!! Lots of resources to offer!

  • It’s always great to talk to CE. He’s super professional and very helpful.

  • It was nice to talk to someone who gets it.

  • CE is exceptional in their ability to synthesize information and experiences for thoughtful discussion and advice. They have phenomenal empathy backed by an endless knowledge for both medical and holistic care!

  • CE was an amazing resource and reassuring presence to talk to. Their experience as a doula and as a parent helped us feel like we were just talking about our hopes, dreams, and fears with a knowledgeable friend.

  • Great appointment & covered/answered all of my questions. Thank you!

  • CE was very informative and while being realistic he was also very empathetic. My husband and I had a great session with them and we enjoyed their input as well as the delivery of all the information he provided. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Super informative, we learned so much!

  • Thank you for sharing your expertise on all things pregnancy and labor!! Really appreciate your insights as both a doula and NP - really insightful.

  • Awesome session, provided fact-based information and it was very educational.

  • The provider was great, so helpful and answered our questions, and made us feel comfortable. Thank you very much Maven!!

  • Incredibly knowledgeable about a myriad of topics!

  • C.E. Durfee was amazing! Very knowledgeable patient and answer any and all questions we had. I really look forward to speaking to them again when it gets closer to my due date if any questions come up. So happy I was able to meet them, Thank you!

  • C.E. Was punctual, professional, and took time to listen to me.

  • Absolutely fabulous!!! Highly recommended for moms needing reassurance :)

  • I had a great session with CE! lots of actionable advice and made me feel more confident and empowered for my second delivery

  • CE was personal, listened, and dropped some great knowledge during our session!

  • I can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance through this whole process, you are wonderful!! I felt so prepared for the childbirth process, had so many positions to try to see what was most comfortable, and knew how to advocate for myself during it all. Thank you for everything!!!

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